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Shopper Interactions

Get notified and directly reply to your shoppers every time they have a bad review or a question about your product.

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Review Optimisation

Avoid malicious reviewers, request reevaluation and group similar variants together to increase reviews.

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Product Insights

Keep track of what people say about your products along with how much they pay across time and stores.

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Review Display

Display your product reviews on Facebook or corporate website through our beautiful widget and improve your SEO.

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  • Brand Overview
  • Review Tracking across stores
  • Reply to Bad reviews
  • Q&A Interactions - Respond
  • Monthly Digest emails
  • Top Review Carousel (CSS)
  • ZamppleBOX Reviews Integration
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Everything in Full, plus
  • Review Priority
  • Recommendation Booster
  • Smart Review Request
  • Smart Resolution Automation
  • Industry Trends (market data)
  • CX Ambassador Support
    (1-3 daily interactions)
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*prices do not include V.A.T.

Extra Services

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Improve ratings & CX with a CX Ambassador from €179/month
A zevioo expert will focus on your customers every day, handling bad reviews, answering questions and more.
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Boost reviews and insights with zamppleBOX from €1,499
Sent your product to 500 households across Greece in just 2 weeks, get insights and feed e-shops with reviews.